Monday, February 7, 2011

Tiny Circus heads out to Portland, OR

At the end of October, Tiny Circus packed up and made way out to Portland, Oregon were we had a month long residency with our friends at the Good Gallery. Core Circus member John (also a member at the Good Gallery) invited us out to spend November in the Pacific Northwest. There we constructed an elaborate Do-It-Yourself Animation Station for our open gallery hours in order to help explain what the Circus is all about.

Our opening was great! Throngs of great Portlanders showed up that rainy night. They played with the Do-It-Yourself station, watched animations, and hung out with the Circus.

Carlos rigging up the conveyor system on the Do It Yourself station.

While in Portland, we started the planning of the TINY Tiny Circus. This new element of the show will be designed to engage audience members directly. It will look something like an elaborate live-action animation set, a 1/20th scale circus, and be set up at each of our showings to the side of the projection screen. Circus members will animate the lion, ferris wheel, roller coaster, and the rest of the circus in real time, and the projection screen will switch back and forth from our animated shorts to the live scenes from the TINY Tiny Circus.

Above is a rough sketch of what the end product might look like.

Soon to be an annual event, Tiny Circus Taco War began in St. Johns, a Portland neighborhood. It was a great battle of smack-talking and smacking lips. Here, the boys work hard in deep concentration to eat 59 tacos (collaboratively, of course). No one was particularly happy about this by the end.

In the case of food-eating competitions the winner seldom wins.

Carlos meant business in his high contrast hunting glasses and pashmina.

Thanks so much to John, Scott, Rude, and everyone else at the Good Gallery for hosting the Circus. Also, a huge thanks to Jake for hosting the Circus for Thanksgiving dinner.

See you next year Portland! We cant wait!

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