Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another day, another dragon...

The day started off with seven members of Tiny Circus heading over to Global Arts Jam to learn about the projects we'll be working on next week with local youth. Below, Alex and Joe do battle in dragon masks.

Work continued on the airstream today despite a rainy start. Carlos diligently welds, and it looks pretty sweet.

Jason and Greta get internet access up near the house. Greta is mighty pleased about something!

Shooting also continued on the History of Pockets. Our team has accomplished a total of seven scenes thus far, and we hope to finish shooting within the next week. Below, Fai mans the camera while Mona and Tessa look on in glee.

Thus closes the week at Tiny Circus, as its members prepare for a well-earned day of rest this Sunday!

Work, play. Play, work.

If you give the Circus espresso...

...they'll probably get to thinking.

And if the Circus gets to thinking, they'll probably get to working.

And if the Circus gets to working, they'll probably make some stuff.

And if the Circus makes some stuff, they'll probably want to shoot it.

And if the Circus shoots all day long, they'll probably want to go out on the town at night.

And if the Circus goes out on the town at night, they'll probably want to dance.

But if the Circus dances too hard, they'll probably all need massages.