Monday, June 15, 2009

P is for Preparation and Planning

With three up coming shows in the next three weeks, Tiny Circus has been all a buzz getting everything in order.

Busy hands edit away on a number of projects. Kissing needs some 'smooches', Nests needs to lighten up, and all of the 12 second shorts need time for a little...pause.

The Air Stream Studio is also in the works. After days, hours, and minutes, we're starting to have a functioning shelter. Carlos goes about adding on a roof while Jess enjoys the last moments having such a spacious shelter.

We seem to getting closer and closer day by silvery day.

Sanding is of course essential.

Meanwhile, daily life goes right on a spinnin'. Circus members are becoming skilled in a number of tasks, including how to make the finest of fluffy wheat bread.

Yet, no matter how busy or overwhelming the task, we always have time for a friend.