Monday, October 6, 2008

Tiny Circus Florida-style

A group of creative minds met in Jacksonville for a satellite Tiny Circus collaboration. Lauren, Franca, Greta, Jenn, Jamee, Ashley, and Lynne combined forces over the weekend to start work on The History of Music. The setting is a filthy landfill.

Ashley's trash heap takes form and includes a dumped washer.

Random props from the trash heap beginnings.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Days

It's lovely here in Iowa, the farmers are harvesting the soy, the corn is drying on the stalk, still a few days left for the Dari Barn. TC is continuing work on The History of Brainstorms while moving forward with the three tiny trailers. First, the Brainstorms:

Kirsten is lighting up the brains to indicate thought.

Camille, shooting.
The brains are powered by 9v battery.

Stills from the animation.

On to the pods:
The interior windows now have trim, recycled from the original shell.In the background, the mothership and trailer #1, the frame for #2, in the foreground are parts of #3.Camille, grinding away at bits of metal.We will polish the pods until they look like christmas ornament mirror balls
The front bed/dinette for trailer #1, general storage, water, and electric will fit in these spaces with cushions on top for seats.Here, Thomas is riveting together some wheel-wells for #2 and #3.