Tuesday, July 8, 2008


The summer herd is complete with the new 1959 full-sized baby from Michigan now in residence at Circus-Farm. From left to right: the mother ship (Iowa), Arkansas, Michigan. New York is already in pieces in the barn. We need better names for them, lest we feel obligated to have 50 (51 if you count Puerto Rico) in a few couple years.

40 hours - that's how long it took to get from Iowa to Michigan and back. That's also how long it took for the garden (and the corn behind) to reach a point of critical mass. It was planted a bit more crowded than it should have been and things are beginning to grow together - tomatillos in branchy union with zucchini and basil, watermelon reaching through the middle of the parsley plant.

The roasters (this nomenclature is designed to avoid attachment) volunteered to help in the garden. This was an experiment today to see if they would stick around. They didn't venture far and tomorrow the other 24 will come out to do some circus de-bugging work.