Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Being Productive and Having Fun at the Same Time!!

The summer session at the Circus is revving up. A few new members have popped in over the past couple of days, and we've started working on a show to tie all of the Tiny Circus' work together. This has involved brainstorming new ideas, getting familiar with different materials, and birthing new characters. We also went to check out the Grinnell Railway Express to see if they would be kind enough to lend their space for part of our show. They agreed to help us, so we will be able to bring the wonderful town of Grinnell into the personality of our show!

We've made sure to balance work with play over the past couple days as well, which involved a lot of playing with baby ducks. Some of us also worked on putting together a Tiny Puzzle!

Tomorrow is our Community Movie Night, which will be very much enjoyed after a long day of working on the Circus house. Come on over if you want to watch a movie and enjoy some good food and good people!!