Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Dream Team

A few nights ago the Tiny Circus shot a family portrait before animating a scary dream sequence. We finished shooting scenes yesterday and are currently working on editing and music for the new animation. We've been experimenting by making lots of spooky sounds and playing around with editing styles, making the post-production process very exciting!

The past several days have been stuffed full of all sorts of creative collaborations including developing a captivating overall story for the TINY Tiny Circus project as well as fabricating an assortment of brand spankin' new props and characters.

All this creative energy has spilled over into daily tasks and fun shenanigans throughout the house.

And a few days ago at the Circus: Omelettes! It was a veritable carnival of kale (from our garden), mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, and cheese.

We also continued the tradion of Tiny Circus community movie night by showing the Wes Anderson film RUSHMORE on the lawn. Thanks to everyone who joined us! Movie nights will keep happening on Wednesdays this summer and all are welcome to come.

And of course a Tiny Circus blog post would not be complete without a little duck love!