Thursday, June 19, 2008


We had several drills working at the rivet-removal, progress was quick.

The old insulation was wet and full of animal homes.
The ribs of the beast exposed.

How to Take Apart

Thousands of rivets hold these trailers together, they are made like airplanes. Here, Greta is drilling them out so we can take the walls apart.
It's a trick to get the drill bit exactly in the center of each dome, then hold it steady while drilling.
After a bit, the head pops off.

Before Pictures

This is the Arkansas trailer before we begin, full of spiders and dust. Also filled with: a shoe, a home-made baseball card, fish-hooks, carpet, an ant farm, a bottle of tequila with worm.

Insulating with Silver

Here is the baby trailer mostly insulated. We stuck the insulation onto the foam spacers with construction adhesive and then used silver tape to seal up any gaps. It looks space-age.