Thursday, September 1, 2011

Another One Blogs The Dust

Today a collection of Elsewherians brainstormed the The History of Dust. Sitting around the table in what is known as the Collaboratory, we talked about the ways and places dust gathers and what the existence or absence of dust could mean.
As we settled on dust, there were moments of levity.
And more serious contemplations. 
Trying to keep track of all of the little particles of ideas. 
The storyboarding begins!
Carlos, Jess, Johanna, and Laura talking through the animation. 

At this stage in the brainstorm we try to describe the story as visually as possible to make sure we’re imagining the animation in the same way. We were inspired (one might even say bound) by our surroundings.

Now we get our hands dirty. We’ll make the set and props for the animation with visitors to Elsewhere’s Open House on Friday. And on Saturday: we animate! If you're around, come play with us.