Monday, June 27, 2011

Our tiny tiny circus is becoming more and more plausible by the day! It took us a few trials, but we are finally getting the strong man to be animate-able after a couple skeletal surgeries...
We've also been spending some time figuring out the logistics of the set for the Archival Room. Hannah did a great job drawing out our ideas and figuring out how to construct lots of tiny boxes.

And we're getting closer and closer to creating our vision of the human cannonball. He's even got his own theme song in the works.

All in all, we're having a great time seeing things come together and come to life!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Truckin' Along

Tiny Circus is still truckin' along and everyone is making good progress on their projects. We are continuing to develop our circus characters, making adjustments to personalities and materials to create the most compelling juggler, strong man, and human canonball that we can! In our quest to improve our animating process, we welcomed the help from a neighbor on developing our own green/blue screen.

And so, animation has begun! The Strongman lives...with a few creaky bolts, but he lives!

To bring our characters' personalities to life, we've also started producing a theme song for each one. You have not been truly moved until you have seen Emile the juggler weep to his own personal accordion music.

When not animating, the circus picked out colors to paint the outside of the circus house!

...and then we went to work! the painting looks terrific!

A hello from the Tiny Circus, especially to the Circusers who have left recently!

Monday, June 20, 2011

It has been quite the roller coaster here at the Tiny Circus over the past few days. But rain or shine, we're still having agood time!
We've had to say goodbye to a handful of members, including our impromptu deejay Mike, who has given us many memorable dance parties.

We've been plugging away on character development, as well as improving our living quarters.

We've made sure to stay hydrated in the summer heat, and well-fed. With so many people around and a rapidly growing garden, we're always bound to have delicious food.

The ducks are growing, too...

Sweet Rewards

We've been crossing more and more Tiny Circus TO-DO's off of our handy dandy new chalkboard lately. The shelf of finished characters is starting to fill up, the makings of different props are popping up in the studio, brainstorming ideas are quickly evolving into a full-on storyline. To celebrate our progress a group of circus members hit the local ice cream stand for some sweet hard-earned treats. We also took a day off to recharge our batteries and celebrate the summer solstice by going out to a nearby lake for an impromptu beach barbeque. The summer season is officially upon us.

After making miniature ice creams for a project:

Some circus members went out for the real thing:

Sunday, June 19, 2011

The Dream Team

A few nights ago the Tiny Circus shot a family portrait before animating a scary dream sequence. We finished shooting scenes yesterday and are currently working on editing and music for the new animation. We've been experimenting by making lots of spooky sounds and playing around with editing styles, making the post-production process very exciting!

The past several days have been stuffed full of all sorts of creative collaborations including developing a captivating overall story for the TINY Tiny Circus project as well as fabricating an assortment of brand spankin' new props and characters.

All this creative energy has spilled over into daily tasks and fun shenanigans throughout the house.

And a few days ago at the Circus: Omelettes! It was a veritable carnival of kale (from our garden), mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, green peppers, and cheese.

We also continued the tradion of Tiny Circus community movie night by showing the Wes Anderson film RUSHMORE on the lawn. Thanks to everyone who joined us! Movie nights will keep happening on Wednesdays this summer and all are welcome to come.

And of course a Tiny Circus blog post would not be complete without a little duck love!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Charting Progress

A long morning meeting to discuss our daily schedule and progress resulted in a new chalkboard (scavenged from a previous Tiny Circus summer session). Our new process: categories and tasks are discussed briefly at a morning meeting, overall progress is charted at the beginning of our afternoon work-session.

Taking the ducks out for a walk.

Bread school apprentices.

Circonians are learning to make the circus bread (which is about 60% of a typical circus diet). 6-12 loaves a day!