Saturday, August 23, 2008

The history of The History of Gloves - part one

There are only four of us at the Tiny Circus now - Carlos, Grace, Jess and Sarah. Amy left three days ago, and we took Holen to the station yesterday. We wish them both goodbye and thank you. We miss them.

Today we started work on our next project. This is a step by step version of how the process works.

Planning started in the Saints Rest coffee shop.

There's an ever increasing list of possible subjects now, ranging from The History of Moustaches to the History of Reality. We have been working by choosing random numbers and counting down which history they apply to. Then from this shorter list, we vote on which subject we will take.

Our choice this time was The History of Gloves. Then we all discussed different possible story lines and scenarios. How did the first glove come into being? Several versions were discarded before we all agreed on one, and then we started to draw up a storyboard in the cafe.

Back at the studio, via Walmart to pick up supplies including plastic gloves, several prototypes were worked on.

After a supper of English shepherds pie and ice cream with plum sauce, we got to work making gloves for the herd that will soon be running free in the garden. The small versions are made from modelling clay, and each one has its mirror hand-sized version.

Jess made several hundred tiny plums for the tiny plum tree under which the tiny gloves will play.

Sarah is making baby mittens.

And Grace is stuffing the latex glove with fiberfill. Each finger is wired so it can move.

The idea is to finish as much as we can today, so we can start filming tomorrow morning.