Saturday, June 11, 2011

Chugging Along

Day 11 of Circus, and we’re staying eager. We’ve tapped into a scenario that will encase the existing animations of Histories and have room for future Histories, too. You could call us a narrative-creating machine. We’re asking questions like: “How do portals work?” And, “How are they discovered?” As Tiny Circus builds the members of the Tiny Tiny Circus (we are actually creating a very small animatable circus), we’re wondering, “What is Firebreather’s greatest vulnerability?” “Does Baby Drummer have a favorite song?” “What will unhinge Strongman?” "Is Contortionist mint-chocolate chip green, or M&M green?" "What does Ringleader's laugh sound like?" "What makes her laugh?" Still much to unearth as we create complex characters and absorbing stories. The summer, it feels young.

Wait! There’s more. Last night we rounded a few corners to return to the Grinnell Railway Express, a railroad model club that has created a tiny scale model of Grinnell. A vibrant test animation with the small trains and cars and Jewel Box Bank set our imaginations in motion. What will unfold in this little world?