Sunday, June 21, 2009

Shake Rattled and Rollin'

Mona's Polishing in high fashion

Elizabeth shows off a great insulation and wiring job on the interior of the trailer

More insulation and wiring

All the great brains here working on different parts of the project


Tiny Circus had a show this past Saturday at the Art Farm Kids Art Camp in Grinnell. It was a success and enjoyed by all that attended. The show was in a beautiful wooden barn with the screen on the inside and the tiny projection airstream right outside the barn doors. What a beautiful evening! Followed by a dance party.

It has rained part of every day for a week. That just means shifting of tents, beds, etc. searching for a dry spot...

The Banner for the side of the Airstream known as 'Silver Unicorn', or our new Animation Studio Airstream:

Work on the airstream does not stop. Ever.

Work on the airstream does not stop. Ever.