Monday, February 7, 2011

Citizen Jane Film Fest in Columbia, MO

The Tiny Circus rolled into Colombia, Missouri in mid October with a full team, ready for animation action, all very excited about participating in the Citizen Jane Film Festival. It was our second trip to CJFF, so we knew to expect hard work, dancing, good people, and great fun.

In the beginning of the workshop, we spent a full three hours brainstorming. After a thoughtful conversation about the meaning of curiosity and how to portray and approach the idea, a story was created. Soon, a storyboard was in hand and 15 excited animators set off to building sets, recording sounds, and shooting the History of Curiosity.

Just because it's a hallway, doesn't mean it can't be used as a studio space! CJFF participants construct a window and a balloon box for the animation in just a few hours.

A session of maze building happened in the space provided to us. Great fun! Did we mention that the room had a built in sound system? Perfect for mid-day dance party breaks.

How do you make people fly across the sky while holding a balloon? Many long and focused hours were spent by dedicated new Circus members to help with the completion of the film.

Power nap.

Citizen Jane Film Festival celebrates women in film.

CJFF set up a great series of concerts and parties to keep the action rolling. Above is a rockabilly band performing at a bar just down the road from our workspace. Lots of great dancing happened throughout the whole weekend.

Tiny Circus Loves Citizen Jane Film Festival! --- We can't wait for next time -- we'll return for a week long workshop for CJFF 2011, catch us there September 25 - October 2.

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