Saturday, October 4, 2008

Fall Days

It's lovely here in Iowa, the farmers are harvesting the soy, the corn is drying on the stalk, still a few days left for the Dari Barn. TC is continuing work on The History of Brainstorms while moving forward with the three tiny trailers. First, the Brainstorms:

Kirsten is lighting up the brains to indicate thought.

Camille, shooting.
The brains are powered by 9v battery.

Stills from the animation.

On to the pods:
The interior windows now have trim, recycled from the original shell.In the background, the mothership and trailer #1, the frame for #2, in the foreground are parts of #3.Camille, grinding away at bits of metal.We will polish the pods until they look like christmas ornament mirror balls
The front bed/dinette for trailer #1, general storage, water, and electric will fit in these spaces with cushions on top for seats.Here, Thomas is riveting together some wheel-wells for #2 and #3.