Monday, February 7, 2011

The History of Adaptation in Hamond, LA

The first week of October, Tiny Circus packed up and headed down south to Hammond, Louisiana to collaborate with students at Southeastern Louisiana University. Working with this college-aged group allowed us to explore a new range of topics and deal with a complex subject.

We had a wide ranging and interesting discussion about potential topics before choosing Adaptation... and then another conversation led to our storyboard.

Storyboarding with our group.

After working long and hard days, we came home to Sara's awesome front porch. Bob Dylan was the music of choice.

Here, we work on the lava chase scene by constructing a conveyor belt of grass where the animals run.

Tiny Circus says thanks so much for the hard work and dedication during the late night animating sessions Southeastern Louisiana!!! The Circus will see you soon!

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