Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall animating

TC is working on a new project to illustrate a historical speech. We're trying out brainstorming with multiple people in multiple places. Lee, John, Susan, Jason, Carlos and Alex were at the farm.
First, we made some new tools - a camera-boom that allows our animating camera to pan across a scene. It's huge! 16 feet long! We might need to make a baby version for smaller scenes. Here, Alex works on the sliding part of the boom.
John puts the parts together - the sliding part fits into the channels on the sides. Here the camera is mounted on the boom above the work-surface. It can slide left to right.
Back to animating, and Susan designs some money. A conveyor belt for money-makers.
John arrives for his acting/animating debut. The shoot begins...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Minnesota: Circussed

Tuesday was a lovely day in St. Paul, Minnesota. We finished editing The History of Pillows (perhaps our best animation yet!) and rolled over to the History Center for our show. Here, our peanut is in place on the lawn in front of the building.
The screen-frame and the St. Paul Cathedral.
Sun sets and the screen rises.
The crowd moved from a musical show up the hill to sit on the lawn and watch.

A perfect night! Many participants from the animation workshop (and thus our newest Tiny Circus members...) came to see their creation on the screen! You can see the animation on our youtube page:

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Minnesota History

Tiny Circus is in St. Paul, Minnesota this weekend for a workshop and show at the Minnesota History Center. We are animating the History of Pillows.

Chris and Cecil make stars for a night sky.

An elephant factory at Aimee's desk...

Janaki crafts a lovely rooster.

Carlos, Janaki, and Cecil perform a careful operation to replace a night sky with a morning sky while leaving the chicken on top of both motionless.

Here, Chris acts out how a bear might fling aside a turtle. Cecil, Aimee, and Mollie watch.

Many hands...

Many levels of supervision!

The History of Pillows is shot. After a bit of editing, it will premier at the History Center on Tuesday August 11th at dusk! Thanks to all the new Tiny Circus members!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Garden Bounty

The studio airstream has been suspended for the last month or so - we made it serviceable just before our Des Moines Arts Festival debut. Now it's time to move forward again. Here, the plywood floor is belt-sanded flat and a cherry wood floor is fit to the curves.

Now that the circus is tiny again, the garden is huge! Grinnell College TC'ers will help eat this when they get back in a few weeks. Zucchini anyone? The local coffee shop has a pile of them for free on a table by the register - this might mean they will be hard to give away...