Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baltimore School for the Arts and Chocolate Milk

Tiny Circus rolled over to the Baltimore School for the Arts to create three new animations. First up: Chocolate Milk! Here, after each animator has written a suggestion for a topic on a scrap of paper, Bea draws our subject from a bucket.

Lots of great ideas came out of the brainstorm - cows and mud figured prominently, but were eventually dismissed in favor of a nautical theme. Waves were made of paper, boats were made of chocolate...

The waves were marked carefully so that the animators could accurately simulate a milk sea!

Here is some careful motion with paper waves mounted on balsa with magnets, stuck to a piece of sheet metal.

Several people were needed to keep the sea and boats moving, two more to shoot and count off numbers for the wave animators.

Meanwhile, sound effects!

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