Saturday, October 17, 2009

Citizen Jane Film Festival!

Tiny Circus has been working hard this week at the Citizen Jane Film Festival in Columbia Missouri. We are in the final stages of finishing up "The History of WAR", a new animation made here in Columbia with an amazing group of local kids, and adults. The animation will be ready for our performance at the Orr Street Studios at 10pm tonight! Many thanks to all the volunteers and coordinators of Citizen Jane for making Tiny Circus's stay here in Columbia so fantastic!

Carlos explaining Tiny Circus, and the importance of storytelling

Greta heading off the Brainstorm.

Sarah with a group of flower makers

Bee making

Butterfly making

Sylvia helped with the butterflies

Max and friends experimenting with the Do it Yourself animation station

Tiny sound making session

Mark one of the Citizen Jane volunteers was wiped out, after a long day which included hand delivering us amazing coffee

John and Quana observing progress


Greta and Sarah being interviewed at KOPN radio station in Columbia.

From left Sarah, Greta, Polina, and Jo speaking on the Animation panel at Stephens College

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