Thursday, July 14, 2011


Our resident hedgehog has headed home to Kansas City - the circus is winding down for the summer.   
Over the last two weeks, we've been working on character development.  Six circus performers evolved from our 6-week brainstorm, each has a back-story and musical theme.  Each is the product of intense collaboration - and multiple generations of refinements. 
Our Wednesday night community meals - ducks, food, a film, and backyard community. 
 Here, Marty begins to take shape around her hand-machined armature. 

The circus collaborated to create musical themes for each of the characters as well.
The Tiny Attic Circus of Lincoln, Nebraska took Sheva the fire-breather and Maestra the ring leader home to do some design work - they sent wonderful creations back to Tiny Circus Base Camp for finishing touches. 

A happy circus at the Danish Maid bakery.  A regular stop both in the day-time, and often at 2 AM for fresh 'nuts. 

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