Saturday, June 25, 2011

Truckin' Along

Tiny Circus is still truckin' along and everyone is making good progress on their projects. We are continuing to develop our circus characters, making adjustments to personalities and materials to create the most compelling juggler, strong man, and human canonball that we can! In our quest to improve our animating process, we welcomed the help from a neighbor on developing our own green/blue screen.

And so, animation has begun! The Strongman lives...with a few creaky bolts, but he lives!

To bring our characters' personalities to life, we've also started producing a theme song for each one. You have not been truly moved until you have seen Emile the juggler weep to his own personal accordion music.

When not animating, the circus picked out colors to paint the outside of the circus house!

...and then we went to work! the painting looks terrific!

A hello from the Tiny Circus, especially to the Circusers who have left recently!

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