Sunday, May 8, 2011

Yard is in

If you weren't looking forward to Summer Circus yet, maybe the new yard will get you going. After the lawn was leveled and graded away from the house, the trash and rocks had to be taken away. Then, the fresh sod was laid. Now, it's the best lawn in the world!

There's even a new parking lot for Circus vehicles to land.

While cleaning out the lawn, we found treasure. Old marbles, a bracelet, a 50 cent piece from 1917, a human tooth, and plenty of other little lost items were reclaimed in the proses. Its amazing what a old yard can hold.

The garden is coming along nicely as well. Every day the plants get bigger and bigger, and soon enough, they will make their way onto our plates.

The addition of a 5th bed will bring us cherry tomatoes, broccoli, and more greens.

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