Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Grinnell College Animation Festival - Octopus Trap

Tiny Circus returned to base for the final week of our spring tour - the first Grinnell College Animated Film Festival. We set out to make an animation that involved multiple Grinnell groups.

We began with a group of college students and Circus members, experimenting with animation and brainstorming a storyboard for "Octopus Trap", the third in our trap series. A few hours on Monday night led to an almost-finished story. The next day we met with kids who participate in the Neverland Players at Grinnell College - a collaborative effort that pairs kids with college students - the kids write plays, and the college students perform them. The Neverlanders had no problem finishing up the storyboard, adding key elements like a flock of octopus-carrying birds, telephone wires, and a dump truck.

We began animation at the Galaxy Youth Center in downtown Grinnell, an after-school program for kids. These folks did some top-notch animation, giving a whale just the right whale-feel...

Grinnell High School was next, two art classes collaborated with the Circus to animate the octopus bouncing on the clouds - a perfect fit for a large and capable group, each cloud had to move for every frame, and the octopus had to bounce and tumble.

Next, on Friday, the circus loaded into the van to travel to the local middle school to work with Kid's Art, an after-school program facilitated by Grinnell College students. The kids, College Students, and Circus members animated fishes that had been created during the Galaxy animating period a few days earlier. We began with a little free-play to determine what fish motion worked best, then all stepped up to animate a couple scenes from the trap wherein the octopus flies through a school of fish at high speed.

The last day of animating was outside, at Grinnell College. We set up next to the central building on campus and engaged folks as they walked by our table.

What a great project! Thanks to all our participants - it feels like something of a new direction, working with lots of different groups to create a shared animation - we'll be doing more soon.

Now it's time for a bit of a break before the summer session begins - we'll be finishing up details on animations, working on the circus house, locating beds for the fifteen folks that will arrive on June 1.

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