Thursday, March 3, 2011

New Orleans

Tiny Circus finally landed in New Orleans - we're setting up in the 9th ward to make a promotional animation for Common Ground Relief.

The levee between the industrial canal and the Ninth Ward is just down the street. This broke during hurricane Katrina, flooding the entire area.

Above is the airstream parked in front of a model home - it is used by Common Ground for volunteer housing and education. Common Ground builds similar homes in the area to replace those lost by homeowners during Katrina.

The blue house to the left is one of the few houses that was still standing after the hurricane - also the main headquarters for Common Ground.

Because of the dramatic incline of the driveway, the airstream had be jacked up in the front to make the floor level inside. Good thing there are handy building materials spread around the site. Coming soon, more New Orleans...

1 comment:

Dana Ingebretson said...

could tiny circus make a tiny mardi gras? complete with tiny beads? for the rest of us stuck up here in frigidness...looks like fun guys!