Friday, July 9, 2010

Des Moines, the great city

In preparation for the Des Moines Art Festival, the Circus decided to do an interactive animation that would get festival-goers physically involved. We decided to use them as props in a large-scale animation, with a camera located 40 feet above. Event organizers provided a skyjack, where the camera was located, and we got volunteers from the crowd to act out a pinball-themed animation in the grass below.

Above, Circus members test out the camera by animating themselves in the grass outside the house using a camera in the attic.

The field where the animating happened in Des Moines. Volunteers were placed on the grass, while the camera shot from above, in this thing...

Groups of volunteers enjoyed acting out a giant pinball game on the grass below. We had kids, adults, even a troop of high-school mimes...
In addition to shooting the human pinball in the grass, the Circus had our airstream shooting studio on the street for people to come check out, the Do-It-Yourself station, and an informational table in a tent to get out the word about Tiny Circus.
Here is a view of the festival from the air, one of the perks of having a skyjack:

And, finally, an aerial view of our jam-packed show Saturday night. Festival goers gladly rested for a bit while watching our animations, along with a few sneak peeks of the footage we shot that day.

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