Friday, September 4, 2009

Paper People

The current animation uses cut-paper photographs to show motion - this involves a lot of careful work with an xacto. The cut-outs are stuck with magnets to a wooden table. For each second, there are 15 frames (and so 15 paper people). There are 13 people at the table - this makes for 195 moves per second of film.
Fortunately, the magnets allow everything to snap into place accurately so that the main job is finding the right paper person for the spot.
Lee examines the order. It took about 25 minutes per second of film when we were up to speed.


Anonymous said...

this is wonderful! How did you do the registration of the magnets? -Curious in Canada

Tiny Circus said...

HI C in C,

We use rare earth magnets, they are very strong so tiny magnets will hold the paper just fine. K and J magnetics is a good source.

There is one magnet on each paper person - you could use two for each person and it would make the registration very exact, but we wanted a more organic feel.

We start by sticking a magnet on one of the paper people, then tape it in place with scotch tape or hot glue or whatever (scotch tape lets you reuse the magnet later, and you can adjust the positioning a bit). Then, we used that first magnetic person as a key for all the rest, we just carefully lined the second person up to the key, let the second magnet find its place on the backside of person #2 (attracted to the magnet on the key person) and taped it in place. We set that aside and started moved to the third person, lined up again with the key. The magnets do your work!

If you look carefully, you can see this happening in one of the pictures. There are two figures stacked and a magnet is being taped to the back of one of them.