Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer 2009 is Circused Out (sort of)

The end of Tiny Circus Summer 2009 is fast approaching, we decided to have an impromptu show at the Dari Barn, an awesome Grinnell ice cream shop, as our last show of the season.

First, we rolled in the airstream..

...nestled betwixt tractors and combines...

Then, we set up the screen...collaboratively...

Then, we got ice cream and waited until dark to project our show on the screen.

And Pogo enjoyed the show and ice cream...

Then, we took down the screen (so skillfully nowadays, having the fastest time fitting within a Micheal Jackson song) and rolled out.

Tiny Circus is thankful for every participant, interest, collaboration, and donation. We have learned a lot and have had so much fun with all of you guys. Tiny Circus Summer 2009 has slowed down, but not really...so see you soon.

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