Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Circus Life and New Animations!!!!

Great day to all of you... The last couple weeks has been a wild ride for the circus, Art Festival, Kids Animation Camp and celebration of 150 years of Marengo. While we could share stories all day long from these events it would not be near as exciting as having you check out the new great animations created during our Grinnell Kids Animation camp. The picture below is from the show on July 2 in Grinnell, great night, great energy, great animations.

We all learned a lot during the camp and hope to take that energy and youthful creativity as we move forward. Below is the link to our youtube site, check out the following animations and check back in the days to come as we update with a number of movies we have created over the last months.


The New Animations are...
The History of Hiccups
The History of Clocks
The History of Blinking
The History of Ballons

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