Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pockets, Work, Animals

Today was the first day of the entire summer group working on getting together to come together to think together, and brain storm. It was a beautiful day in Central Iowa to sit out under the shade tree and talk, draw, critique, change, forget, and finally come up with an idea and a story was born, its something beautiful about the relationship between a pencil, a person and how they interact... with a pocket to hold the story line.
Alex developing his skills of nose drawing, the tickle still seems to still be holding up the fine motor skills development. Really we started to think about the relationship between a pencil and the person, and how the relationship could get to the point of the pencil ending up in the nose, and well, someone had to provide visual aid.
In the History of Pockets we are developing the idea of creating images that mix real world items which then change out and are created, cartoon-like items, and back and forth, so here Elizabeth is creating a cup to use in conjunction with the cup.
So what do you think this is? Well really its part of the newest animation, the history of Carp, or the history or the Giant Turtle, or well, you can think about it and come and visit the Tiny Circus and see.
At the end of the day, all are tired and the sun is setting for tomorrow is a new day and who knows what will really come.

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my santo said...

was this image taken from the tree platform?! don't forget about me, i'm on my way, be there wednesday , then the entire summer crew will bein effect cha'll . i will be bringing things that all hippies need-soap,shampoo, and trail mix!

let me know if there is any other needs from the city of brotherly love.