Sunday, March 29, 2009

More Tools and Babies

Another new tool. This rack will help us hold animation characters in place when we are shooting. The wall behind it is covered with a sheet of metal so that objects can be magnet-stuck in place. The size of the frame can be adjusted and parts can be added as sets change.

This is an LED light controller. The dials on the bottom dim the lights individually (16 in all). Lights in houses, stars, or tiny spotlights for animation characters...

Two of our 10 Indian Runner Ducks. Halifax (left) and Algonquin. 2 weeks old or so, growing fast. These circus members were inspired by Suzie Templeton's animation Peter and the Wolf.
Tall enough to look out of the box the last few days.
Halifax is smaller than Algonquin, but has Big Duck Spirit. Here, flapping wings after a bath.

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