Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cold Cold Iowa

The work is slower now, editting bits of films and finishing the interior of the first projection pod. It's a bit like working on a boat. Since every surface is curved, each piece of furniture must be hand-fit to the wall. Countertops made of cherry, glued up and ready to install.A shelf over the front window.

A cooktop set into the curb-side counter.

The squirrel babies are growing up. They live outside now, get a breakfast of walnuts and corn every morning. We crack the walnuts for them so they don't injure themselves.

And... three stills from the History of Brainstorms, here the brains suggest possibilities for the animation they will make. The thought bubbles are sort of animations within an animation.

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gsonge said...

very nice indeed sir. Looking forward to helping!