Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Work in Progress

Lisa on the camera, Holen, Susan, Jin.
Lisa, Janelle, Susan, Greta, Jin. Kumbaya.
Jin + volcano
Janelle, Camille, Nick, Amy: making puffs of smoke.
Amy and Carlos, an extended staring contest.

Janelle, Lisa, Jin, and Susan trucked back west to Omaha today, they will head back to NYC in the next few days. Tiny Circus misses them!

We've been working to experiment and expand the kinds of animations we are making while still holding to a "histories of" concept, with each piece figuring the first time for whatever our subject happens to be. We add to our pool of possibilities each time we meet and then select one more or less at random to illustrate. So far, The History Of: rain, popcorn, staring contests, the lover's knot, loss, smiling, constellations. Some stills from the results below.

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raxiro said...

son los mejores y los unicos creativos q se atreven a liberarse de lo tradiconal felicitaciones .