Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Some Pig

We are making an outdoor shower today, old tarps stored in the top of the barn are our raw materials.

Greta is drilling holes in cedar for a wooden base to stand on.

Jason and Carlos cut the tarp to conform to the curved walls. First they cut a template to fit the wall, then cut the tarp to fit, then sewed a seam to finish the edge. Magnets were fit into the seam and more attached to the airstream so the shower will fit tightly to the airstream. It probably won't blow away in the wind when someone is showering.

We are using some already-existing poles on top of the airstream to secure the shower. Bungee cords hold everything square and taught.

This is a fake shower-taking photograph. The subject is still wearing pants.

Marigold, the pig

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Sarah Salway said...

'It probably won't blow away ...' Hmm. No, shouldn't be ungrateful, this looks good. I WANT TO BE THERE NOW. Love Marigold. And in the naming of the babies, perhaps one could be Kent, England or does it have to come from there? I could bring it a flag or a sticker or something.