Sunday, June 22, 2008

View from Studio Window

The inside of the first small airstream is insulated and now looks like a room for robots. We are using thin birch plywood to cover the walls. Here, some templates from another project are temporarily held in place with to check the fit.
Nothing is square inside the space, we are making paper templates before we start cutting the plywood.
We stuck balls of masking tape on the ribs.
Then we used large sheets of construction paper to roughly fit the space.
... and tabs of paper taped to the larger sheet to fit the final dimensions.
The tape-y template is transferred to another sheet. Tomorrow we will transfer this to the plywood, cut and sand.
This is the golden horse out the studio window.

1 comment:

Deborah Rey said...

What an absolutely delicious project, Sarah. Just looking at you all at work on the airstream makes me droooooool.
Wishing you all the very bestest of luck,